i have an old allis chalmers CA tractor with a 60" belly mower both sides discharge on it right now. it does a pretty good job. but wanting to cut back 4 to 8 hours of seat time, to mow all the acreage.

saw 100 bucks 7' reel mower pull behind

not sure, if i should jump on it or not.
5 foot vs 7 foot cutting path would make a huge difference! and just a latch pin to undo. to go back for trimming with belly finishing mower.

i just do not know what i should be looking at for a reel mower. to see if it is in good shape.

i can understand the back rollers, and the front wheels on each reel should spin freely. and look for grease zerts, and the arms pivit easily.

but what about the blades??

i can see spending time with either a hand grinder, or dremal to sharpen them up a little, i wouldn't think the blades would be knife sharp. but kinda of mower blade sharp were blade cutting edge is a little bit dull ? (not sure best explanation)