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    Default Does wet grass dull blades faster than dry grass?

    The question is: does thick soaking wet or bone dry grass dull mower blades faster or doesn't it matter?

    We have had boat loads of rain around here lately and the grass is really growing fast. Especially since I put fertilizer on just before the deluge started.
    So I have been mowing thick and damp/wet tall grass for three weeks now with no end in sight.
    No big deal but I just put new sharpened blades on and wonder if Ii should sharpen again when the rains stop.

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    Its a myth. Wet grass is difficult to cut thus it appears as though the blade(s) have dulled.

    However, it is best to cut dry when possible due to clogging the mower as well as the wet grass clumps of grass are prone to promting fungus.

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    Default Re: Does wet grass dull blades faster than dry grass?

    If the rain has splashed mineral material onto the grass the blades may dull faster.

    Some grasses may have an uptake of silicates which will also dull blades.
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    Default Re: Does wet grass dull blades faster than dry grass?

    I think if its so dry thats there is lots of dust. That will dull the blades in a hurry.

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    Default Re: Does wet grass dull blades faster than dry grass?

    To escape the summer heat here, I mow my grass in the early morning soon after dawn.
    At that time of day, the grass is wet with dew. The dew holds the dust so that I don't need to wear a dust mask. When the dew dries and the air fills with dust, I quit for the day.

    I sharpen my mower blades when I service the mower at 25 hour intervals per the maintenance meter.

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    Default Re: Does wet grass dull blades faster than dry grass?

    I wish I could find out.

    It has rained here for over a week straight. If it stops raining for a while, the ground is so wet you can't even walk without sinking down much less using any equipment.



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    Default Re: Does wet grass dull blades faster than dry grass?

    Likely the blade doesn't care if grass is dry or wet, and sharpening needs to be done when they don't cut well. Prolly more noticable that the blades are dull when mowing wet grass than dry. Clumping up under the mower deck interupts the good flow of air that lifts the grass up for cutting and getting rid of the clippings.
    And seems that new grass growing fast in the spring is hard to cut clean even with real sharp blades.
    But in southern WI, we are not doing much mowing yet. Maybe any day now....

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