Hi I bought a 42" Lawn General riding mower last summer. I was told it was a 1997 Its been a good mower but I have had a little trouble finding parts because my mower is missing the model number tag under the seat. I had to replace the spindles for the deck and looked on ebay and ordered them and got lucky I guess. The idler pulley just went out the other day on the deck and it had a part number, the only thing so far that did so I was able to order a new one without second guessing myself.

Well ever since I bought the mower it has clanged on startup and shutdown. I finally got tired of it and found out the double stack pulley on the engine has a broken keyway which is built into the pulley. There is no part number on the pulley and I can't find any place with measurements on the internet. Here is what I have measured on mine:
6 3/4" tall
4 1/8" upper pulley
5 7/8" lower pulley
1" shaft

I thought it looked like part number 690439z on the internet and alot of mowers around the year of mine show this fitting murrays. Mine is a Lawn General though so I don't know if it makes a difference. I asked the seller for the measurements of that pulley and the measurements were close but not exact. I don't know if its the way he measured them or the way I did but I thought it should be exact.

If anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated. I wish I could come up with an exact model of my mower, I suppose I could get close if I find a number on the engine? Also the engine is a tecumseh 17.5 hp if that helps any.