I have a Troy Built 4 cycle power unit with a weed trimmer, brush cutter, and a pole saw. It runs great, but while using the pole saw, I managed to break the flexible drive shaft in the pole saw power head shaft. I contacted Troy Built, and they only listed the shaft assy. including the actual flex shaft. That part has since been discontinued. Then I tried to match the part up with MTD since they make the Troy Built now. I found what I thought was the same flex shaft, but it is 4" too long.

I tried all over my county to find someone that could re-stake the square end on it after I shorten it, but no one had the equipment to do it. So I found some metal, got out the file and made my own dies to hammer the square stake on the end. After getting it all set up and whacking it with the biggest hammer I have, I discovered that I only managed to dent the metal dies, and didn't touch the shaft. I found out that it is VERY strong steel.

Do any of you know where I can get a 1/4" flex drive shaft from stock or made to order? It looks similar to this one, but is 20 1/2" long.