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    Default Weed control around pumpkins

    I have 2 or 2.5 acres of pumpkins and I have a grass issue this year. I have been spraying around them with round up, but its been a pain. Is there anything I can use that is affordable to kill the grass and not the pumpkins?

    I would really enjoy round up ready pumpkins!

    Thanks for your help or insight. I find pumpkins very hard to keep weed free.
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    Default Re: Weed control around pumpkins

    Your right pumkins are hard to keep clean! A pre-emerge herbicide will help in keeping weeds down. We use Stratgey on our farm( pre mix of curbit and command) but it's a little pricey. For post emergent grass control you can broadcast apply Poast Plus or Select Max over the top of the plants. These will only control grassy weeds, may need two apps for rhizome Johnson grass. Crop Production Services sells a generic formulation of Select Max called Intensity One, maybe have dealer nearby. Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: Weed control around pumpkins

    Thanks! I need to do something with the grass. We have a CPS a few miles away, I will check them out today as I have a few spots with heavy grass.
    I enjoy my cars, garden and tractors!

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