hi all.
brought home this toro groundmaster and a yard king yesterday.
i think its the 220 with 22 hp onan and the 60" mowing deck.
it has been sitting outside for more than 2 years and is in pretty bad shape.
had a birds nest in it and there was some pretty bad gas in the tank.
the old owner said it would overheat.
havent looked at the radiator yet, but i noticed there was no fan on the engine.
carb is extremely dirty, and dont want to start it because i think dirt and stuff will go in and mess up my engine.
there is no presure on the brake pedals en it's very diffecult to get the weels turning, so i think the drums are locked up. Had to pull it with my 18 hp bolens st110.(tires were spinning at one point.
deck has alot of rust and is rotted out in some spots.

here are some pics:
(pics are not in the right order)
toro groundmaster.-dsc09286-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09307-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09309-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09310-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09311-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09312-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09314-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09315-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09318-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09319-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09324-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09327-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09304-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09303-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09289-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09291-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09293-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09294-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09295-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09296-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09297-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09298-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09299-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09300-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09302-jpg
toro groundmaster.-dsc09328-jpg