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    So I just bought a new mower. I am planning on using the old one for towing my utility cart around my property. There is no tread left on the turf tires. I would like to go with an aggressive tire since my property can get muddy in areas. Could you guys point me in the right direction for some new rubber? The rears are 20x8.00-8" and the fronts are 15 x 6.00-6". I don't know how to read tire sizes (took them out of the manual) and it looks like I have room to go with a slightly larger than stock tire. Chris

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    The first number is the overall height, second number is width @ widest point, third number is rim diameter. You can do a search just by putting your tire size and see what comes up. I don't know if they make lug tires for your size, but if they don't you can get chains. I did that for a couple years until I got lugged tires for my GT. The chains worked realy well, but were bumpy on pavement what few times I got on it. As far as the size, I have read some posts (don't remember if on here or another forum) where some guys put a wider tire on than called for. I do know you can get a lug tire in 20x10.00-8.

    It also might help to know what kind of rider you have.

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    Look up Carslile Tire Company on the Internet.

    I have a JD LX188 lawn tractor and was always slipping around on the hill wth balogna-skin turf tires.

    I went with 20-10-8 Super Lug tires like the original turf tread size, only with tractor tread design. I did not see them in 20-8-8. Look at the ATV and lawn tractor tires on their catalog. You might find a lug or more aggresive tire in a 20-8-8.

    With that small of a tractor, I am not sure if the tranny will hold up, but you could give it a try?


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