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    Default Earthway Planter

    Just got this planter,--I know they probably dont work the greatest, but it was all we could afford right now and something was needed to help plant our oversized gardens!

    It looks halfway decent so we will be seeing how it goes!---Anybody else use/have one?---Model 1001-B Thanks; sonny580

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    Default Re: Earthway Planter

    I sold mine 10 years ago when we had to move back to town, but yep, I used it for a few years. I've forgotten how many plates it came with, but I ordered the others so I had a complete set. Very handy tool.

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    I've used one of these for the past 10 years or so. It has always worked great. The only issue I know is the plates plant the seeds very thick. It's not to big a problem with the cheaper seeds like beans but the sweet corn plate plants about 3 inches apart and we end up thinning out more than we leave. Sometimes the plate doesn't turn freely and the seeds start popping out the top of the hopper. Rubbing the flat side of the plate with a bar of soap will correct that issue.

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