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    Default Lawn/driveway Sweeping?

    I have a John Deere 2520 with the 60" broom. Was wanting to do some side jobs on the weekend sweeping gravel back into driveways. Anyone know what i shoud charge per hour or per foot? We are in southwest wisconsin. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Lawn/driveway Sweeping?

    No idea on what to charge but I would advise you check your air filter to prevent engine damage due to the dust storm you will create.

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    Do you know what it costs you to operate per hour?

    Insurance? Transport? Maintenance? Operator pay? Fuel? Etc should all be factored to come up with an hourly cost of operation then figure out a profit margin you are comfortable and competitive with and go from there.

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    Default Re: Lawn/driveway Sweeping?

    I would guess and say $40-50 a hour.

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    Default Re: Lawn/driveway Sweeping?

    I charge varying on driveway size... I am in northern WI... what brand of broom do you have?

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    Default Re: Lawn/driveway Sweeping?

    I have a friend who has a 51 sweeper on his 455 and charges $40.00 per hour but has a $60 minimum per job. He did this because of the time involved in driving to the site, loading and unloading when in some cases the job took 30 minutes. He has 39 jobs lined up already this spring and because of the late spring may not be able to get to them all. He has been charging this amount for two years and has only had one customer balk a the $60 minimum.

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    Default Re: Lawn/driveway Sweeping?

    A good rule of thumb is a $1.00 per minute. Just be careful how you say it as most won't mind paying $30.00 to have a job done that takes 30 minutes to do, But get excited if you say a $1.00 per minute.

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