So Ive got prices on a Cub Z-force w/48"fab deck and a Jd Z425 w/48". Both are left over '12s and within 150 dollars: Cub-4350 OTD Deere-4200 OTD
Going over a few of the major points I've come to the conclusion they are just about equal machines, unless someone can show me other wise...

+1 for the cub is it has a fab deck, however in reading I saw that the deere deck while stamped is thicker than most stamped decks. I'm only mowing about 1.25 acres of flat and fairly smooth so the need for a heavy fab is not a huge concern.

+1 for the deere I am personally more familiar with the local dealers and service manager given my job in agriculture. But nothing against the local Cub dealer as a few friends deal with them and are very happy, but they are 15 miles further.

Both appear to use the same hydros/drives. Both appear to have engines that have a split following, perhaps a slight edge to the Cub/Kohler.
I can't find the link now, but the frame dimensions were the same to I believe. I have a atv so the mower wont need to do anything other than mow.

Leaning Deere with everything seeming just about equal to me, I then look to appearance and I think the Deere simply looks better...

ANyone point out something I'm missing?