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    Default Advice needed purchase a riding mower or finish mower

    I'm in need of a little advice. I need to purchase something to mow my 1 acre yard. I live in a pretty rural area and although the land is mostly level there are always obstacles. I plan on getting more of my front area seeded which would push my mowing area to 2-3 acres eventually. I own a kubota L2800 and bush hog the other 10 acres with it. So I guess the question is at what point acreage wise dictates a finish mower over a regular rider?

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    Default Re: Advice needed purchase a riding mower or finish mower

    Have you taught about a used BX. Ones without mowers are reasonably priced even with low hours. I am biased.

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    Default Re: Advice needed purchase a riding mower or finish mower

    Have you tried using the Bushhog? A sharp slasher can do a pretty good job. I've used one to mow a lawn many times.
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