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    Default Mid Mount vs Front mount

    Why are mid mount Zero turns so much more popular than front mount mowers?

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    Default Re: Mid Mount vs Front mount

    Mid-mounts take up less space on a trailer, and frequently are less money.

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    Default Re: Mid Mount vs Front mount

    Dbear said it correctly, they take up less space on a trailer. Alot of mowing outfits run 3 mowers and with a midmount you can get 3 on a 16' trailer. There is one outfit near where I live that runs only Grasshopper front mounts and I don't know how long their trailer is but they put 3 on it.
    Some people say you can get a mid mount into tighter areas than a front mount, while yes it is true I have never been anywhere on a mid mount I couldn't go with my front mount. I used to mow commercially and still work for my dad doing so on occasion, I find if my Grasshopper can't get into a spot and do a nice job then dads Gravely can't either.
    Storage is another issue, a midmount takes up less space.
    One thing most people won't tell you, when mowing with a front mount and discharging grass into the wind it is the norm that alot of it gets blown back on to you, with a mid mount in the same situations it gets blown more behind you. Similar results with dust.

    That being said I own a Grasshopper front mount and will buy another just like it if and when I get a new one in 15 or 20 years.

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    Default Re: Mid Mount vs Front mount

    I have an older front mount Woods but no experiance with a midmount ZTR. I have heard though that the front mounts are more stable on hills. I will say that I can take mine acroos a hill that will make your hair stand up on a tractor.

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    Default Re: Mid Mount vs Front mount

    After recently using my grandfathers Toro groundsmaster with a front mounted mower I would concur with the trailering aspect. It would be a pain if I had to haul anything else, it took up the whole trailer.

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    Default Re: Mid Mount vs Front mount

    I bought a used front deck Walker this year. If I lift the deck which takes less than one minute it seems to me that if would take up the same or less room than a mid mount.

    It's a rear discharge deck with grass collector on back. It's quite a bit slower than most midmounts but I love the way it cuts and I can trim with both sides of the deck while still collecting. I realize most mulch these days but I've found uses for the grass I collect keeping weeds down in the garden.

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