I have a 35 gallon pull behind spray tank that has about 20 gallons of mixed vegetation killer herbicide that has sludged up. My fault for not emptying it out before winter hit (the Kawasaki mule blew the water pump, so we couldn't put all the herbicide down), but it sat in the back of the pole barn and now has a sludgy film to it. when I hook up the pump, it will run for about a minute, then all the jostling will let the gunk get to the screen of the intake line and the pump loses pressure. I have to open the top, shake the intake line free of the goop and then briefly scrub the screen with a toothbrush. I don't want to just go dump 20 gallons of vegetation killer out on the property, is there any way to add something that will help dissolve the sludgy bits? Thanks in advance.