Years ago, before it became restricted, I used some Pramitol in liquid and pellet form. I think it was termed a "soil sterilant". I can still obtain it, but was told Spike 20P pellets are very good, too.

Spike 20P is $89 per 10 pound can of pellets. And, Pramitol is $70-$80 for a 25 pound bag. When asked how many cans of Spike 20P I wanted, I said, "Not a hundred pounds!" I got one just to see what it does.

I wondered what else is able to get the result of killing everything as effectively as these two but is not as costly as the Spike 20P? We'll see how well it kills and for how long, but at $9/pound, I don't know who can really afford to use much of it....except for the government, where cost is not a consideration.

Thanks for any suggestions or personal experiences with these or similar products.