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    Default Problems getting DR Mower to start

    Hey Folks,
    I have a DR Mower that is roughly 10-12 yrs old I recently replaced the 3 post solenoid, Starter, battery and 30 amp fuse able link and the thing still won稚 turn over. I took a test light checked to make sure I was getting the proper power from battery to solenoid I get power from the battery to the positive battery cable side on the solenoid but get nothing from the starter cable side of solenoid. I get no power on the top post ether. I ran a jumper wire from the battery to the solenoid and the starter will engage. I took the new battery, solenoid, starter and ignition switch into Napa where they tested all items and found nothing wrong with them. I知 lost as I致e been working on trying to get this thing running for over a month now on my days off. Anyone have any ideas.


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    Default Re: Problems getting DR Mower to start

    Welcome to TBN. Usually if you cann,t get a machine to turn crank, and the battery and connections are good, the problem is that one or several of the safety switches are open. Do you have a wiring diagram for your mower ? Do you have a meter or test light that will help in your search for an open safety switch ?

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