Glad I was able to help ya Kawasaki v-twin won't start - Ideas

So you jinxed me! Thursday I went and pulled my 26hp Kohler powered mower out to mow and all was well. Yesterday I went to pull it out so that I could get to something behind it and it wouldn't throw out to the flywheel. So I called around and got prices between $141 and $188 on a Kohler OEM starter, I ran and grabbed that one for $141 since it was by chance at my kubota dealership where I needed to go and get some parts I had ordered for my 3 point... Because I destroyed the tilt adjuster and one stabilizer bar being stupid. What an expensive day yesterday was! $141 starter, $150 ratchet tilt adjuster and $28 stabilizer/sway bar, 4 x $9 tubes of Kubota grease and almost ordered a Cub Cadet XT3 GSX for $6,000.

But, now we both have starters-a-startin.