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yes, you are correct. I was just asking about amp output of the "new" engine the Previous Owner put on, if it is worth me to even try and get it running IF it doesn't put out the correct amps to run the electric PTO that's on the Dixon. I need at least 9amps and the old original engine was putting out 15amps from what I understand.

The engine currently on the mower is a 14.5hp Model: 28N777 type: 0642-A1 code: 970123ZD can anyone tell me how many amps this engine puts out??

Page 5 of this document shows the replacement for model # 28N777 is on page 48 of this document, and shows the replacement for that engine model # 28N777 is 15.5HP and is a 9 amp alternator...

Don't know if that helps any or not.