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    Default Used Ferris VS New Husqvarna ZTR

    I am budgeting for my first ZTR with plans of starting my next summer with one (2019). I mow about 2-2 1/2 acres of not so nice yard... (more weeds than grass type). I just wish to cut the stuff as fast as possible since I hate mowing SO MUCH! My price range is up to about 5k with a max of 5.5k.

    I was starting to hone in on the Husky Husqvarna Zero Turn Mowers MZ61 in that search.

    Then someone tells me about a used Ferris for sale in the area. The IS700Z was an early contender in my search until I found out the price was close to $2,000 more that I was expecting of 5k ish.

    So my question is:
    Is a 5 year old (2013) IS700 with 329 hours on a Kawasaki (exact model still unkown) 24hp engine a better purchase at $3,600 at about half price of new MSRP than a brand new 2018-2019 Husky MZ61 semi-pro model with roughly the same kawi engine for around $5,200? They are both 61" cut mowers.

    So basically in my mind the Ferris machine has to be a lot better built than the MZ61 to take the chance on not knowing what the used engine (plus frame) has in store for me. And if the frame/machine is that much better than the Husky then that chance is probably worth it while saving close to $2000 in the process.

    I'm torn and don't have forever before the Ferris is gone...

    Any and all thoughts are appreciated.


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    Default Re: Used Ferris VS New Husqvarna ZTR

    Check out the Simplicty Z turns,built by Ferris for a lot less money.

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