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    Default Quality Pro Farm & Country lawn tractor

    I am considering purchasing this mower used. It has a B/S 20 hp motor and a 46" cut. Has anyone heard of this brand? Who makes it? Would parts be hard to find?

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    Default Re: Quality Pro Farm & Country lawn tractor

    Welcome to TBN.
    You might want to have this post moved to the Lawn & Garden forum. It might get more answers there.

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    Default Re: Quality Pro Farm & Country lawn tractor

    If its the brand I am thinking its usually sold at the Quality Farm and Fleet stores and usually sells new for around $1599.00 to $1699.00. If it is a newer model it should be made by AYP (American Yard Products) which makes Riding mowers for Sears and other companies. Usually on models like these you can find a model # and the make by lifting up the seat.
    MTD makes alot of riding mowers also and re labels them for retailers but I believe this one is AYP. I would think parts for either brand wouldn't be hard to get.

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    Default Re: Quality Pro Farm & Country lawn tractor

    Thanks for your responses....going to the auction now...hoping to pick it up for $2-300. Dog8

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    Default Re: Quality Pro Farm & Country lawn tractor


    not sure if you will see this or not?

    anyhow I have a similar unit, there were many options on these and prices was like sait 1600~2400 depending.

    I have a 46" cut with the 20hp BS Intek engine which has pressure oil feed, it is a MURRY unit and has held up reasonably well. I had a blade installed wrong by them (bought it when Quality Farm & Fleet went out of buisness for 1299 I think and had orriginal 2100 price.) the blade was bolted down ofset form the spindel carrier and I had to replace the spindel due to a bearing failure. Other than that I have probably 500 hrs on her in 3 yrs as I mow about 2~4 acres. it has 5 speeds and a quick level deck with 6 settings for height.... let me know if it is similar I can give you info if need be.


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