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    Default Snow Removal Kubota BX 2200

    Does anyone have experience using a snow plow blade on their BX 2200?

    Would you suggest chains, wheel weights, and/or tractor weights to do the job more efficiently.

    Some parts of my asphalt driveway are steep. On my old tractor, 2WD, I had to use chains, etc and still there was a good deal of slippage and wheel spinning. The BX is 4WD.



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    Default Re: Snow Removal Kubota BX 2200

    I'm not sure it's much of an answer to your question, but I had no trouble using my BX2200 with bar tires and the FEL. My plowing was nearly on the level and so if you've a slope and turf tires things may be different for you.

    Those in the know say a blower is best since it gets the snow well out of the path, and an articulated blade is a good second choice. The FEL requires a bit of lifting and dumping that isn't optimal.

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