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    Default ZTR Hydraulic Oil Filters

    Well, I finally dived-into the world of ZTRs -a used Woods front mount Mow'n Machine. Found it on Ebay and since it was only two hours away, I was able to go pick it up. Has a 20 HP Kohler Command air-cooled engine and 52" deck. 1998 with 820 hrs. Unknown history, but seemes very clean-- almost too clean. All original paint and sheet metal-- heck, the deck still has some paint on the underside around the spindles--- no rust at all. I expect her to outlast me.
    Have her about a week now, and I've cut the lawn three times! The grass just doesn't grow fast enough now. Didn't actually measure my time savings yet, but I believe it's at least 50%.
    'Course nothing's as perfect as it appears, so I already had to replace the electric PTO clutch as it would not re-engage once heated-up. This after checking system voltage.
    Problem went away with new clutch, but it took MANY phone calls to Woods and three different Woods dealers to determine the correct clutch part #. I found a clutch on Ebay as well for $100.00 less than the best Woods dealer price. Somebody's making a lot of money on ZTR parts.
    Anyway, since I've now determined that the seller's assertion that "everything's been checked-out and it's ready to go" is doubtful, (we didn't run it long enough to produce the clutch symptoms prior to sale) I'd like to change all fluids and filters even though they look clean.
    Question: how do I find a NON-Woods filter for the hydraulic pumps/motors? I doubt if Woods would tell me even if they knew.
    I've done a cursory search on the net ( and this forum) to no avail in trying to cross-over a Woods part # for these filters. Does anyone know of a link or have data that would help?
    Do I have to ID the manufacturer of these hydraulics and go from there? (NO identifying markings are readily visible on them as they sit in position). Or do I have to try and physically find a match-up?
    Also, how much hydraulic noise should this era machine be producing? Seems scarily loud when creeping around with the Kohler idling, but quiets down considerably at operating speed. No drive slipage is detectable even at full operating temp. The left side will slightly outrace the right at full forward. I havn't tried adjusting anything yet on the linkages to correct this though I know there is a section in the operator's manual for this.

    Jim S.

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    Default Re: ZTR Hydraulic Oil Filters

    At low engine rpm's, pumps will be noisy.
    Make sure you get correct hyd. filter, don't just try to match something up.
    The pumps and wheel motors are very expensive to replace.
    When you change the filter, fill it completely first, then install.
    System will then have to be purged of air if you change filter and fluid.

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    Default Re: ZTR Hydraulic Oil Filters

    leoniru, Try j-thomas for your parts and info the web site seems to be quite good and my cousin has dealt with them as was pleased with their prices and product so maybe you could check them out [img]/forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]

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