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    Default How much for a used Steiner?

    I have been looking at Steiner machines for using around my place and my father's home. I already have a tractor and some other equipment, but am interested in finding a Steiner to use for small things around the properties and on slopes that would be too steep for a conventional tractor. Our local hospital has had an older 430 style machine with I believe a Generac engine. They just bought a new 430 Max with a 60" deck and duals all around. The old machine they left at the dealer and the machine was totally redone with new hoses and hydraulics. It had a lot (2000) or so hours on it when this was done, and now the grounds crew is considering it as a spare machine. I would like to see if I could buy it from them. It has the 60" front mower and dual wheel option. It has over 2000 hours but the engine is new and the hydraulics have been redone as noted. They might not be willing to sell, but if they were, how much would such a machine be worth? I really would like a new one, but for a second machine for rare sporadic use, I cannot justify the price of a new one. The dealer with whom I spoke said this one runs "as good or better" than the one he just sold to our hospital.

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    Default Re: How much for a used Steiner?

    Its probably a Kohler Engine, they don't run generac in the 430. 2000 hours is nothing for the Chasis, check for leaky hydrauics or slop in the articulation joint. I'd expect to pay around $7000-8000 for what your looking at.

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