I posted this under Parts/Repair but thought it might fit here as well -
Has anyone had any experience with the Power Steering conversion kits advertised in the classified section on the YTMags board? There were no pictures on the company web site for using the conversion on a Ferguson 35 or MF 135 (my interest) so I e-mailed the company. This is what they said
We have power steering kits for MF135 and MF35x.
The price is 375 Canadian Dolars.
FOB included.
Payment via bank before sending the product.
Transport by boat.
1 year Garanty.

Ali Aydin
Sales and Product Manager
<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.hydromars.com>http://www.hydromars.com</A>

I am interested in opinions/experieinces from any TBNrs who know about doing such a conversion -
Does the mechanical part make sense?
Does the price make sense? (I know it is only a couple of bucks in US funds -[img]/w3tcompact/icons/laugh.gif[/img][img]/w3tcompact/icons/laugh.gif[/img] ).

Are there other options for adding power steering to a Ferguson 35 or a MF 35 tractor?