IHC T40 Hydraulics


I'm new here. Not only that, I'm new to the "tractor world" altogether. I can fix nearly anything mechanical and am well versed in many areas of mechanics. I want to help a buddy out who's 78 years old and is very limited in his mobility due to a stroke. He has a tractor that needs some fixin' , so I'd like to get it going for him. It's an INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER T40. He tells me that the hydraulics "just quit working". He says, "Heck, it may be as easy as just adding some hydraulic fluid, Johnny." Heh heh.....

So.... I've looked for an online service manual. Thats not happenin'. Now I'm lookin' for some help from you good folks here at tractorbynet.com.

I haven't even had the chance to SEE the tractor yet but plan to in the morning. Can anyone give me a "heads up" on this deal?? Like... (i'm ashamed to ask) the location of the hydraulic resevoire? Where to check the fluid and how much to add or the capacity?? Any common problems that occur with these tractors?? Any easy fixes or good advice for a green horn like me??

Another thing I might add- He also said that "The hydro levers feel "limp wristed" ". <-(Gotta love love the Ol' fella's terminology! HA!) I'm assuming he means that it feels like there isn't any pressure or flow through the control valves. Can anyone tell me what I need to do FIRST???

I'd be forever grateful. And Ernie, well, he'd sure appreciate it!
Thank you,