Finally got to play in the dirt some today, and try out my David Bradley seeder I went through 2 years ago. Hooked it up to my all original 1955, DB Deluxe Super 3 tractor(Top of the line for Sears & Roebuck 2 wheelers in 1955). Seemed to do a good job of dropping the first variety of sweet corn, but the second variety, not so well. Kernels were not uniform, and pretty gnarly, and plugged the drop chute. I finished with the push planter, and it gave it fits too, flipping kernels out of the hopper.

I planted two rows of the frst with the DB planter, and next to it, two rows with the push planter to compare drop rate & spacing. Time will tell.

Also planted what will become a hedge fence of Striped Sunflowers, laced with black oilers to keep the deer out of the sweet corn. Guess we'll see if that works too. If nothing else, the birds will have a feast later this summer...

Deluxe Super 3 David Bradley & planter...-db-planter-002-jpg