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    Default setting or adjusting time on 1940 9n tractor

    A preacher friend of my Dads has a 9N ford tractor , he couldnt get it to run. So he brougt the carbuerator to my dad to rebuild . Dad rebuilt the carb. I thougt it looked funny by the way. Well it still wouldnt run Dad said the carb. wasnt that bad anyway, so he brings him the distributer and coil , and dad fixed it , and he checked it and it was firing . He called dad and wanted him to come and check it out well it wasnt firing , again . So dad brought the , what i call distributer might be called somthing else home and fixed it again. Is there a timing mark to set the time with . if not how do you adjust the timeing .and does anyone know the firing order.

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    Default Re: setting or adjusting time on 1940 9n tractor

    Fire order is 1-2-4-3

    I suggest you get a I&T fo-4 manual. It shows the 'arcane way to set the time... In short.. if it was me, I'd set the time screw on the distribuitor body in the middle, and see where I was. The distrib is drivven from the cam by an offset tang... no way to install the distrib out of time without using a big hammer. Just snug the 2 botls up and spin the rotor to let the tang fall in place.. then tighten it down. There is so -little- timing adjustment ont he front mount that most just st it by ear. However the ;right way to do it requires some measuring and a straight edge and geometry on the distribuitor...

    Points gap is .015 spark plug gapis .025.. best plugs ar champion H12 or AL 437.. those are 1 range hotter than the AL216 / Ch H10 that was originally specced.. works out better with the unleaded gas.

    Gently stretch the coiled spring ( primary to points ) on the bottom of the coil.

    Also clean up the electrical connections.. basic ignition circuit is battert to lower 3rd terminal on ballast resistor.. then to switch.. then two top terminal.. then thru balalst ressitor, then from far terminal to top post of coil... oem was 6v, positive ground.. don't run it negative ground if still using oem setup... reduces spark potential of the coil.

    I collect fords, got 5 right now.. have had more..

    I'm very familiar with your 9n as I restored a 2n a couple years ago.. feel free to ask more questions if you need to.

    Also.. with a vom.. you should measure about 2.5 to 3.5 votls a tthe top post on the coil, when the points are closed... less and you get bad spark.. more and points burn faster. With points open.. you will have battery volts.


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