Hello everyone. This is my first post and my very first gravely. I just picked up a gravely 816s last week and wanted to know if there was some cross reference chart that listed the attachments that were interchangable between the 400, 800 and 8000 riders. From my understanding I think that the 800 and 8000 will fit on both models but I wasn't sure if the 400s would fit on the 800 or vice versa. Any help would be great.

I am maily asking for snow blade for the gravely and see someone selling on from a 400 rider and wanted to know if it would fit mine.

I am already looking for a front drive assembly to run the 2 wheel attachments on the 816, is there anything else needed or just the assembly piece. I saw one that had a 15 spline and wanted to know what kid of attachments would fit on that (or maybe the question is from what model 2 wheel tractors run 15 spline)

Sorry for all the questions but I am very excited to start my gravely collection!!