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    Default Gravely Pro Turn 460

    I know this forum mostly pertains to older Gravelys, but I've had the chance to demo a new Pro Turn 460 so I thought I'd share a little info.

    The unit I demo'd has the 31hp Kawasaki. That engine is great, no lack of power even in 8" tall thick grass. The air ride seat...Do I even have to tell you? It is by far the best thing they could ever add to these machines. Dial adjustment for cutting height is great. I hear there are quite a few demos of these out there. If you're commercial I'd strongly suggest checking one out.
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    Default Re: Gravely Pro Turn 460

    I'm in the market for a mower and I've been looking at many brands. I demoed a Gravely Pro Turn 460 on my property last night and this is my opinion.

    The air ride seat gives you a great ride but because you don't feel the terrain, I had a tendency to go faster. When I went faster I saw more and more stringers and had to cut it again losing any efficiency I gained by going faster (I did have fun driving this go cart around the yard). The 460 I used had nothing added so maybe having high lift blades put on it would help fix this but the only thing that helped reduce the stringers in my bumpy yard was to slow down. At the higher speeds, I'm not impressed by the cutting.

    In addition my wife tried it after me. She told me it was the worst riding mower she's ever been on. The dealer and I both told her how to adjust the seat before she took off. After listening to her complaint, I reminded her the seat was adjustable and she could have asked the dealer or I, who were standing there watching her, how to adjust it. My point is, if you have someone else using the equipment, in my case my wife, you will need to spend some time teaching them how to adjust things. If you don't, be prepared for the complaints unless you adjust it for them when you're done.

    If I buy a 460 I will definitely be slowing down.

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