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    Default Help! Gravely L Attachment Clutch Sticking

    Hey there- I've been trying to figure this one out on my own, but I think it's time to throw this out there for folks who are wiser than me...
    I have a Gravely L that is now running pretty well after not being used for over a decade. My one pet peeve is that the attachment clutch sticks, i.e. I can't move the rod to start/stop whatever attachment I have on there. It's currently stuck on "on" which is useful, but not very safe.
    I've noticed that the clutch rod is a little bent, could it really make that much of a difference? While the tractor is off, I've tried to move the clutch where the shifter arm meets the rod - it jiggles a little but simply will not shift...Has anyone had this problem besides me?? After scouring the forums, it doesn't seem like it...

    Hopefully someone can help out this here newbie. If anyone out there has any suggestions, I'm all ears. THANKS!

    p.s. I also seem to burn a heck of a lot of oil every time I use apparent leaks, there is definitely white smoke occasionally, but I go through almost a full quart after an hour of use, on and off. I'm putting in a little Mystery Oil when I fill up the gas and the oil pressure always reads in the "normal" range even when the dipstick seems to read very's a mystery! piston rings seem to be in decent shape, according to the guy that got her running again...

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    Default Re: Help! Gravely L Attachment Clutch Sticking

    Sorry I really cannot help. I quit messing with L and SC tractors years ago. I only work on and own 5000 series and later Gravely 2 wheel tractors. While the core PTO engagment is the same, the problems of the L PTO are most irritating. One thing I learned and that is to never install an attachment with the PTO in the engaged position. Do that once and the shipper shaft will be bent requiring replacement. If you are in trouble, call Richard's ( Jamie can help.

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