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    Default YM 2700 lift lever position and lift pump

    When the lift lever on my ym 2700 is pulled half way up, it will raise the 3 pt hitch lift arms up all the way -- no problem there, but when the lever is raised on up past the half way point, I hear a small whining sound start. A mechanic told me that the sound was the lift pump running and that I should not leave the lever all the way up or I could burn up the lift pump. If this is true, what makes the lift pump disengage when the lift is raised to the max at the lever's half way position and is there an adjustment that will make the max lift height coincide with max lever height. Right now, my only way of telling if the pump is engaged after raising the lift is to simply listen for the sound and carefully lower the lever until I hear the sound stop. Besides simply being a pain its not always easy to do especially if your hearings not that great. I thought about locking down a nut and bolt at the appropriate lift position, so that I couldn't pull the lever too far, but surely there's something I'm missing. Any ideas?John C

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    Default Re: YM 2700 lift lever position and lift pump

    You really out to post in the Yanmar forum...

    Yanmar -

    But mine will make that noise to, but my lever needs to be all the way to the top to make it. The pump always goes but i think its trying to raise the lift more so the valve is always open allowing fluid to pump through it instead of bypassing around the valve.

    Post this is the yanmar forum, you will get more response.

    If a mod sees this, move it for him.
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    Default Re: YM 2700 lift lever position and lift pump

    Thanks for the info. New to this site and didn't notice the yanmar forum until today. I'll try to repost there. Thanks again.

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