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    Default Four Wheel Shifter on my MTE 1800D?

    Can anyone help me out? I have know idea where the shifter is for the four wheel drive on my tractor. The tractor is an 85' Mitsubishi MTE 1800D. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Four Wheel Shifter on my MTE 1800D?

    I have two different models than yours. They both have 4WD shifters on the right side, just ahead of the transmission. There is a "Mitsubishi/Satoh" forum here on Tractorbynet that will get you quicker answers than the "Grey Market Tractors". Good luck.

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    Default Re: Four Wheel Shifter on my MTE 1800D?

    I don't know about the MTE 1800D. It shouldn't be that hard to figure it out, though. You will certainly have a range selector for high/medium/low (Or whatever combination that machine has), and a PTO shifter. The couple photographs I could find seemed to show a speed select shifter on the left fender, and the PTO shifter on the left side of the transmission tunnel. There will be two other shifters, one for the transmission range, and the other for front drive. Once you locate those, the one that doesn't change the tractor's speed must be the 4WD lever. Post some pictures for us and we can perhaps give more specific advice.

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