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    Default different colored baling twine

    I sell a variety of hay (small, square) horse feed, livestock feed, construction, 2nd cut. It all goes in my barn and I have to either remember or mark-off where the different hay is piled. I thinking I could used different colored twine , essestially color-code the bales, regualr sisal, green sisal, blue plastic, red plastic. Anyone else done this, does it make sense?

    Can I use plastic ok in my New Holland 565 baler?

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    Default Re: different colored baling twine

    I think it's a good idea! Round here we buy what ever color is on sale. Soo... you'll just have to stock up different colors and set your code. The one thing that is going to suck though, is re-threading your baler every time you want to change colors.
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    Default Re: different colored baling twine

    Quote Originally Posted by High Compression View Post
    The one thing that is going to suck though, is re-threading your baler every time you want to change colors.
    Tie the new twine to the old twine in the twine box, pull it through and tie it off just before the knotters. Might lose the first bale if switching from sisal to poly, but it shouldn't be too bad.

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    Default Re: different colored baling twine

    I think its a great idea, but the switch from sisal to plastic and back will require baler adjustments to the twine box and the twine disk tension settings. Plastic is more slippery, so it needs higher friction settings to get the recommended 10 lb pull thru force. You also might need to adjust the bale tension because the new material density will affect bale weight.

    I'd sure like to find bright yellow twine because the contrast to green hay makes it easier to locate the strings when loading on and off the elevators. Orange is ok, but the John Deere green is hidden pretty well.

    Changing out twine color is just a matter of cutting it at the twine box and tying in the new stuff. Trip the knotter and feed in some new material. All it should take is one bale to register the new color.
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    Default Re: different colored baling twine

    You don't need all the twine in a bale to be different color, just take a can spray paint the color you want and paint the top of the twine bale, you'll end up with twine that has a small section of color every couple feet...
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    Default Re: different colored baling twine

    I moved your thread to the new Haying forum!
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    Default Re: different colored baling twine

    I do this with my round baler. Usually 2 colors blue and red for hay with no rain and hay with rain. Sometimes I only get a feild half baled and a shower hits. Change twine color and than I can tell the bales apart when Iam picking them up and stacking

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