That's my 2000 Y2K Corvette pulling 60 bales of the finest weeds for horses that money can buy. Its not staged. I had a Draw-Tite hitch installed that is made for this car. That's a 4 place snowmobile trailer I use for hay hauling and windmill fetching. You have to drop the tailpipes an inch to fit the braces. We pulled the load effortlessly at up to 70+ down I-696 from Brighton to Southfield. Plenty of motor, plenty of brakes, and the exhaust tone rebounding off the front of the trailer was priceless. Some were worried about the transmission temperature. But, it was 165F idling in the driveway and 135F out on the highway (The car comes with a trans temp gauge). Here are some more pics of that memorable car. The only problem with boating is launching. I had to back so far down the ramp to get the boat free that when I opened the door to release the winch strap, water started coming in. Only a problem at one site, though.

That was a good winter car, too. Run flat tires gave me kidney bruises, though. Bought from the Milford Proving Grounds company used 7500 mile price for $24Attachment 305697Attachment 305698Attachment 305699,500 and sold to the local Chevy dealer 9 months later for $27,500. And I put the original 7500 miles on her.

I once used a Chevy Cavalier to snatch some fresh bales out of a field before a rain. Got 13 from the back spoiler up to the from fenders. Only mistake was accidently hitting the wipers lever. They didn't like it at all because the windshield was supporting a few.