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    Default IHC 440 Baler

    A fellow in a town about 50 miles from me has a IHC 440 Twine Baler for $800, but says the timing is out and he didn't want to mess with it. Would it be worth the $800 and how hard would it be to fix the timing on the baler? I got a tiny bit of baling to do each year and wouldn't mind having a baler if it doesn't get to be a big pain keepin' it running. bjr

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    Default Re: IHC 440 Baler

    Retiming a baler usually involves removing some drive chains, (re)aligning some sprockets or gears, and putting the chains back on. However, the cause of the need to retime should be your main concern. If so, there may be some bent or broken parts in it resulting from baling wet hay, or a rock, or a log, or too thick a windrow. Look for a brand new shiny shear pin bolt to tip you off on that one.

    Other than that issue (and where is the nearest parts supplier), a machine like that would hold its value. There are a few parts and operator manuals on eBay right now, including a brochure on how to reset (time) the knotter.
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    Default Re: IHC 440 Baler

    I paid $250.00 for my IH Model 45 including 3 manuals. Worked perfect for 10 years and then broke a bill hook that cannot be found anywhere.
    So when I bought another baler (JD) I first called about parts availability. they said, "If we don't have the parts in stock we can have them shipped overnight red to your doorstep the next day. When your baler breaks, you are screwed. In fact, I am keeping the old Model 45 in the hopes that I can find one in the brush some day and canabilize it for parts. That way I can use it for a back-up baler.

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