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    Default Horse Manure for fertalizer? & DIY Manure Spreader anyone?

    Hi everyone -

    My question(s) for Haying today.
    I see a lot of articles on what you "can do w/ horse waste". My question to the Hay makers here on the ranch; What do you suggest for a good hayfield fertilizer blend? It's a grass mix only we're pushing up. This coming spring will be my first time fertalizing. I hear the following: I can get a cart full of a fert blend and simply deploy it onto my field. Or buy 10 10 10 type stuff and spread my own, or... Use those hay-burners w/ ears as my source. I'm interested in using the horse kind as it's free to me.

    The 2nd part- Anyone have a cleaver DIY (do it yourself) Manure Spreader idea? I will need something to shred and spew ... sorry "distribute"
    They look so simple and I think I could make something that worked w/ some free time but you folks may even know a qick and easy method. Who's our master MAGyver here? For instance- I remember watching a TV show where a guy made a corn meal ginder from a push type lawn mower. It was pretty darn neat and very effective. LOL.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Take a look at the Northern Tool manure spreader. It is close to being homebuilt. I have seen them made out of an extruded metal drum that had a door to put the poop in then roll it around untill it is all out.

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    If you do go with a commercial fertilizer take soil samples to determine what your soil needs. I wouldn't just buy a straight 10-10-10 not knowing if that's what it requires. With what it costs now you can't afford to. Contact your local fertilizer dealer for the sample boxes. If you buy fertilizer from him he'll probably have them analyzed at his cost, although its not expensive to do.
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    Default Re: Horse Manure for fertalizer? & DIY Manure Spreader anyone?

    Do you have loaders on the tractors? If so I would find a smaller manure spreader new or working old one maby a 10 to 25 bushel (1000#) model and spread any manure you collect. I use only composted manure and composted hay, nothing green. Find a spreader suitable for the small tractors, maby 1000# dry capacity. Locally we add seed to hay ground now and sometimes again in the spring to improve the stand. Additionally spread commercial fertilizer in the spring for MI probably April.

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    I would take soil sample to extension ag agent. Talk to them they can offer help and direction and options. The soil test here are $6 they ship it to MSU soil lab and send you results, the agent can recommend options and may know of people how have or looking to get rid of ... My wife was a county agent and she spent most every day helping. You are already paying for a consultant most people just don't capitalize on them.
    On horse manure, we use a lot of compost. We let it go through its heat and mellow. You are going to have seed from what ever the horse ate good and bad. A good spraying plan is great for pasture management and more cost effective than clipping. Some agents are more knowledgeable in areas than others. But you can always ask to talk to the forage specialist. My wife's background is in integrated pest management and horticulture. She now is home working as momma farm manager. If you need real good info she is smarter than I.
    Manure spreader: I would hunt for one in an area that has a lot of commercial chicken houses. They are common, broke, fixable and you can really put it out! Good luck!

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