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    Default Re: Tired ot 3pt Equipment changes all the time- what easy change do you like....

    I don't know if this is available there in USA (for 5 years, I have been away and haven't followed here.)
    This is what we called A-frame, two-pieces 3pt hitch of which one (gray u-section) is welded to your implements and the other is mounted at your tractor 3pt. You don't need to leave your tractor seat to mount any implement which has u-section. Since we manufactured tousands of this for Danish customer, without going there, I can say this way of quick hitch must be popular there.

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    Default Re: Tired ot 3pt Equipment changes all the time- what easy change do you like....

    Quote Originally Posted by Artisan View Post
    You know if I were wealthy I would not fiddle
    w/ this stuff, I would just go big w/ quality, but,
    I am not. If you have the means, think about Land
    Pride products, if you need to $ave, go HF but
    to awnser your question, yes, it is A-OK ONLY if
    it is modified as I suggest. Do your homework,
    I am not the end all, I make mistakes all the time...
    Additionally each and every different accessory /
    implement you hand off it will have it's own different
    challenges. Once you iron out all the wrinkles you
    will enjoy it.

    I went through all the iterations you did w/HF QH. I made several post this Sbj during the year also. For the too short top hook I just cut the hook off, beveled all around both ends cut a piece of 1" square stock length of the hook, beveled it all around and welded on, then padded it to fill up to surface and ground down smooth. Puts the hook out a full inch and now firs everything. I ground a quarter inch off the outside of the lower hooks and now they fit my box scraper.

    A new project is to improve the BX 25 3PT mechanism as it is too cumbersome and such cramped area to work. Have some ideas (not fleshed out yet) to make it a no tool adjustment. Stand by this winter as I go into the shop again. I want to be able to keep it and the QH together and assemble as a unit. I take the BH on and off a lot.Goal ie to make it as easy to take on and off as the BH.

    I like your thought about a hyd valve array on the QH, have to think on that also as I am working over a large log splitter unit. That way the PB will be in the valve stack and then onlt two hoses to the splitter.

    Did you ever figure out a way to use the MM PTO for a hyd pump?


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