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    Default Re: Drum vs Disc cutter?.... Lou

    Thanks Ken that something I didn't know.. will check on that also.. the import business maybe more than I want to do.. but I got a son that love this kind of stuff.. thanks again for infor.. Lou
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    Default Re: Drum vs Disc cutter?.... Lou

    Quote Originally Posted by Lou66 View Post
    That is very interesting nomad,, I don't know alot about international business,, but it can't be that hard to learn.. for as the port of entry,, I would use Freeport, Texas,, that is only ten miles from my house here in Lake Jackson,, and one mile from my son house,, thanks for the information.. I will see if I can find a couple of friends that would like to have a couple of drum cutters each.. we can go together..It look likes I can get three for what I was going to pay for one.. Lou
    Being near a seaport is a big advantage as you won't be paying much land transportation cost there.

    Almost all drum mowers are a copy of PZ design.
    My advice to the farmers who are new to import is that; depending on the item (not only in farm industry, but, in any industry), study each item seperately. World customs, depending on the country, take serious cautions about some items as you can imagine. Farm industry in general isn't a problematic industry for the customs in general as farm industry is supported globally. However, there are items such as sprayers, items with internal combustions, etc which have strict rules at customs and I don't advice farmers or beginners to import such items. Hay rakes, drum mowers, and suchs are simple items you won't face any custom trouble. Several years ago, I had sent some simple implements such as rakes, ploughs, etc to farmers in USA, Canada, Hawaii, Caribbiean islands, etc and they hadn't faced any problem. Reselling items anywhere in the world has nothing to do with import business, it is about your local taxes as you'll be making profit. I had imported several things from China, Canada, Germany before and I didn't have my own trade/sell firm. After a month or two, they are my properties anyway, I sold them as second hand although they were new. Anyway, you'll have your invoice which will be sent by the seller from another country when you import and that invoice will be recorded by your local custom there.

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