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    Default Honda Chuck Wagon

    Idles rough, engine revs badly. Any help appreciated

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    Default Re: Honda Chuck Wagon

    need more info... what is a Honda chuck wagon? I have heard of a Bresters chuck wagon with a Honda engine is this what you have?


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    Default Re: Honda Chuck Wagon

    Have you tried anything yet?

    If not, id start with the basics. Change the sparkplug. Change fuel and fuel filter. Remove and give the carb a VERY thorough soaking and cleaning.

    Alot of issues can be solved by a good tune up.

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    Default Re: Honda Chuck Wagon

    I agree with Scooby074, check your basics and see if its something simple. let us know the results.

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    Default Re: Honda Chuck Wagon

    Does it do it all the time or only when it's warm? About 6 years ago, My 94 Accord did the same thing as soon as the engine warmed up, but ran fine when it was cold. I tried lots of things, new spark plugs, new wires, etc, and nothing helped. I finally figured out that it was the EGR, which opened to far as soon as the engine warmed up, and then it ran rough. I disconnected the vacum line to it, capped it, and everything has been fine ever since. Yes, the check engine light will come on when the EGR doesn't open like it's supposed to, but who cares? Not me!

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    Default Re: Honda Chuck Wagon

    I had a problem with my 4 cycle 70 HP boat engine with Fuel injected engine. It was running fine when winter set in and it set for 3 month. Next time I used it, it started fine, idled perfect and would power up fine, then after running a few hundred yard, it would stall down like it was starving for fuel, then it would suddenly power up to full throttle and run for a while then the RPM would drop back to about 1800 at full throttle. I checked the plugs and they looked fine, the spark was blue hot (didnt have a voltage checker). I even replaced the fuel hose and tank and nothing. I was ready to take it to the boat shop and stopped in to schedule an appointment. The service tech said change the plugs. I told him they looked perfect, whereby he said those cheap (not so cheap in $$) Japanese plugs that Evinrude puts in break down. So I spend $24 on 4 new plugs, problem solved. The engine had less than 50 hours on it when this happened but it was 3 years old.

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    Default Re: Honda Chuck Wagon

    If it has a carb, Honda carbs are the most sensitive to ethanol
    I've ever seen. Goldwing 1500 motorcycle gums the carbs in
    less than 2 weeks if you don't keep the carb full of VERY fresh gas.
    Sta-Bil doesn't help, and it's around $800 to have the carbs pulled
    and cleaned. My suggestion is pull the carb and give it a
    thorough cleaning, and then drain the d**n thing every time you
    aren't using it.

    Bill Hoffman
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