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    Husqvarna 48" lawn tractor

    Default Husqvarna 48" lawn tractor 2.5 years old

    This has been a workhorse for us but we have not abused it. Now we have a vibrating noise when we are not pressing at least lightly on the brake. Any thoughts? I know it isnt much description, but its pretty straightforward.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Husqvarna 48" lawn tractor 2.5 years old

    check the transmission drive belt. sound like it may have a piece missing out of it. or you have a idler pulley with a bad bearing causing a vibration.

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    Default Re: Husqvarna 48" lawn tractor 2.5 years old

    Check the tensioner bearing I had it go out on mine mine is a gear unit what is yours you did not mention? need more info you also need to adjust the electric PTO clutch on enginge for mower deck underneath if not right can/cannot engage at the right time

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