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    Default husky 455 rancher chain oil problem

    I have a husky 455 rancher and the chain oil is not putting out enough oil, have a 20 bar and have set the adjustment to the highest output but still not enough oil I have the build up on the chain, cleaned the oil out put space behind the bar and the bar it self but still not enough ???? Use it to cut about 5 to 7 cord of wood a year great saw

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    Default Re: husky 455 rancher chain oil problem

    Hmmm. I have the 450 and this is what I would do:

    Make sure that the rubber seal on the side of the saw that moves oil to the bar isn't torn or clogged.

    Empty the oil tank and see if sawdust or dirt has gotten in there and clogged up the pump intake.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: husky 455 rancher chain oil problem

    There is a strainer on the oil tank's pickup rubber tube-same as in the fuel tank. I found a nice sized crack in the rubber fuel tube at the strainer's neck. Pull it out intact with a pair of long needle nosed pliers and have a look.

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    Default Re: husky 455 rancher chain oil problem

    If it's a new saw ,or bar , look at the oil hole in the bar as well as looking at what the others have said . Had a 372 that came with the hole plugged .
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