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    Default Husqvarna lawn tractor vapour locking

    I bought a new 48 inch cut Husqvarna lawn tractor (YTH 23- 48) this spring and in the 1st half hour of operation, it started to run rough and quit. I tried a few things and finally after removing the gas cap, it started again. It continues to do this although I replaced the original gas cap with a new one (on warranty).

    It has a Briggs and Stratton 23 hp engine and I currently have approximately 50 hours on it. Whenever it starts to run rough, I simply remove the gas cap for 10 seconds and the engine returns to running normally.

    Should I drill a hole on the end side of the cap to allow more air into the tank?

    Has anyone had similiar problems?

    Fixemall suggested a "red cap" with baffles. Why do I get a red cap?

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    Default Re: Husqvarna lawn tractor vapour locking

    There is a difference between vapour locking and a vacuum forming in the gas tank. It certainly sounds as if you have the latter. Drilling a hole should fix the problem but be careful where you drill it. Mine came with a breather hole in the top of the cap and if it is left out in the rain it will draw water into the tank. I keep a cover over it permanently.

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    Default Re: Husqvarna lawn tractor vapour locking

    This gas cap only needs to be tight enough to keep it from vibrating loose, crank it too tight and it restricts the vent system. If you've been opening/tightening it repeatedly the vent may be damaged and running it loose will not help at this point. You may have to replace the cap again, then run it "loose", or at least not as tight.

    Not an award winning design in this cap ,but there is no danger of any gas spilling from the tank during normal operation,so there is really no need to crank it down. We just feel better when things are tight I know , I did it too.


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    Default Re: Husqvarna lawn tractor vapour locking

    The "red cap" is just one with a vent and steel baffle in it to prevent vibrational spilling of fuel and introduction of airborne junk, you could accomplish the same result by carefully drilling a center hole and inserting a tiny fuel filter in it, similar to the ones used inside the fuel tanks of small gas powered machines like weed eaters and chainsaws.

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    Default Re: Husqvarna lawn tractor vapour locking

    I have used the little billet tank vents like they use to replace the long hose coming out of the gas cap on a motocross dirt bike.
    Like these here.
    These are just an example.

    Motocross Plus Vent Cap - MX Parts

    Fro Systems Billet Fuel Vent Cap - Motocross Bike Trick Bits - Motocross Bike Accessories - by Fro Systems - Fro Systems Billet
    If you're not from here, you'll need this.

    The wicked good guide to boston english

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