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    Question Do You Buy Husqvarna Chains/Bars Or Oregon For Your Husqvarna Chainsaw ??

    I bought a new Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw with a 20" bar & chain a couple of years ago.... I've been cutting 17 cords of hardwood a year and I need to replace my chain... May go ahead and buy a new bar too!

    This is the first time I've ever used Husqvarna brand chains/bars, and I think the chain that came on it has been great!!!... On my other chainsaws I always buy Oregon chains & bars.

    I was wondering what you buy when you replace the chain and bar on your Husqvarna chainsaw ??

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    Default Re: Do You Buy Husqvarna Chains/Bars Or Oregon For Your Husqvarna Chainsaw ??

    I have used Husqvarna's for years and always get the bar and chain replacements from the dealer and he sells me Oregon chains and Husky bars.

    I've never had any problems, although I cut less wood than you do.
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    Default Re: Do You Buy Husqvarna Chains/Bars Or Oregon For Your Husqvarna Chainsaw ??

    I've bought both for my husky and never had a problem.

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    Default Re: Do You Buy Husqvarna Chains/Bars Or Oregon For Your Husqvarna Chainsaw ??

    Compare them -- several companies use Oregon to OEM their bars/chains, so there might not be much difference other than graphics.

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    Default Re: Do You Buy Husqvarna Chains/Bars Or Oregon For Your Husqvarna Chainsaw ??

    Husqvarna bars ARE made by Oregon.... Whatever one you can find for the best price.... I made up adapters to run Stihl bars on my huskys and dolmars because they seem to be the best bar out there.
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    Default Re: Do You Buy Husqvarna Chains/Bars Or Oregon For Your Husqvarna Chainsaw ??

    There are better bars other than oregon and husky, but thats not to say they are bad. Because they arent. And for an average homeowner or weekend warrior, they are just fine.

    AS to chains, the regular oregon stuff isnt really good IMO. But the ones with the bluish cutters is really good. Stihl is also considered about the BEST chain.

    So for the bar....Go with whatever. But I like a good one peice (not laminated), and a replaceable sprocket tip. Carlton premium is also a good bar, as are windsor, oregon, and your OEM husky. Cost probabally isnt a lot between them. Stihl wont make a bar that works on your saw without modification.

    For the chain, I'd pay your stihl dealer a visit and have him make you some. Usually around $1 per inch of bar. So a 20" chain sould cost ~$20.

    But you may want to buy the bar first. That way, you can match the guage of the chain to the bar.
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    Default Re: Do You Buy Husqvarna Chains/Bars Or Oregon For Your Husqvarna Chainsaw ??

    Windsor is gone per Oregon. Carlton is also owned by the same company that owns Oregon. The Stihl and Oregon descriptions on there chains are the same word for word. Stihl says that make there own chain. Oregon says for all practical purposes Stihl makes there own chain. The blue cutter is a Oregon copyright item.

    Almost all saw companies source there bars and chain from Oregon. Stihl I don't know but everybody else does.
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    Default Re: Do You Buy Husqvarna Chains/Bars Or Oregon For Your Husqvarna Chainsaw ??

    i mostly buy husqvarna chains for my 2 455's and 350. i wore out the bar, or should i say i bent it a bit on my 350 and put a forster pro bar on it. it's so much more heavier built then the 350's orginal. as for the 455's, i still have the orginal bars, just bought the extra 455 as my 350 went down temporarily. i use mine heavy in the fire wood business and do between 66 to 100 cord a year. i didn't think a bar would wear out with just 17 cords a year, but maybe got bent like mine did. i cut down dead trees and blow downs a bit and i had a fairly big tree snag the bar bad and it got a little bent causing it to cut crooked. the forester pro bar is a real good bar. i would actually get rid of the saw and keep the bar first.

    i actually have been having a tough time with the chains out streatching their cutting tooth life. the chain will streatch too far for the saw to tighten it up enough, but there is still some tooth life left. (oilers on all saws work fine and saws cleaned regularly) so i have been putting chains on with 1 less drive link. just barely fits on when new, but lasts the whole life of the chain now. maybe i should try a different chain brand. might be better steel used that won't stretch too much.

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    Default Re: Do You Buy Husqvarna Chains/Bars Or Oregon For Your Husqvarna Chainsaw ??

    I have 3 stihl saws and use nothing but stihl bars and chains. I grind my chains each night when i get done cutting and have found under normal use (not talking about cutting rocks or nails with my chain) that stihl is a harder chain, it holds an edge better and is harder than oregon to file or grind. My cousin has 3 Huskys and i do his chains. Cutting side by side the stihl chain will outlast the husky or oregon chain i would say 3 to 1.
    Same for the bars Oregon seems soft , Husky is better but doesn't seem to get the volume that stihl does, now this is my finding, yall might think differently .. . John
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    Default Re: Do You Buy Husqvarna Chains/Bars Or Oregon For Your Husqvarna Chainsaw ??

    Like freak said. Husky bars and chains are oregon. The newer oregon in LGX etc is pretty darn close in hardness to the stihl RSC IMO.
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