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    Default 2006 YTH2448 260 hours

    My 2448 has been running very well, decided to buy the high capacity three bin bagger last week for $369. Easy install and it works great. I decided to keep the tractor instead of buying a mower deck for my Massey Furg Besides I can get under and make tighter turns around trees with the Husqvarna. I cant with the Massey because of the 86" ROPs.

    Anyone who says the Husqvarna tractors are junk they are full of sh#$!

    I have also learned that on forums like this one, when you have trolls who sign on and post just to bash a brand like the ones here-they have lots of other personal issues. Usually-if posters have a problem with equipment they ask for help.

    I have had 10 problems with my Massey and it only has 80 hours on it, but, you dont see me going to the Massey forum and tell everyone that its garbage-no!
    2010 MF GC2410 TLB, 2006 Husqvarna YTH 2448, 2004 Honda Rincon 650, 2007 Honda Shadow Aero 750, 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited-Hemi.

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    Default Re: 2006 YTH2448 260 hours

    Bought my new Husqvarna YTH24V54XLS this year. Very pleased so far, and my dealer is excellent so I had no second thoughts, despite the "trolls".

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    Default Re: 2006 YTH2448 260 hours

    I bought my 1742 in 2004. I use it to mow an acre lot and snow blow my 80x20 driveway. It has never failed ever. I change the oil every 50 and tuned it up once so far. My neighbor has a cub cadet 2 sizes bigger that he bought when I got mine and it goes into the shop at least twice a season for repairs. Huskys are great!
    Phil. from Mass.

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    Default Re: 2006 YTH2448 260 hours

    I guess anyone can have legitimate problems with anything ... be it orange, green or yellow.

    My Husky did what I needed it to do this year (get me in compliance with the CDF fire clearing requirements) and I'll haul it back out next spring when I need to gets the weeds under 3" again.

    It was going to cost me as much as $1200 to have a crew come on my property and use weed whackers, so if it only lasts 2 seasons (about 16 hours total) I'm still ahead of the game.

    I had tried a tow behind DR trail cutter with a 15 HP motor hooked up to my ATV, but it just did a horrible job at cutting.
    So I got the YTH2348 from Amazon.

    After it got here there were some issues with it being late and no doc package, keys or other accessories, so Amazon gave me a $400 refund, making it a $1480 delivered purchase.
    I DL'd the manual, and they sent me a set of keys, and the other missing items.
    So I have some wiggle room to pay for larger wheels and ag tires, that I think I'll probably need next year if I want to get at it right after out rains up here in the central California Sierras cease.

    I have some 15 degree hills that can get slippery, and some areas that the ground squirrels tear up pretty bad, so the extra 1" clearance that going from 20's to 22's, and more aggressive thread will hopefully keep me above the squirrel mounds and allow me to start a little earlier than I did this year.

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    Default Re: 2006 YTH2448 260 hours

    I have a YTH2348 with 106 hours on it and it has worked great. Use it to mow 2 acres, pull a chicken tractor, and to haul mulch/branches/soil in a dump cart. It has met my expectations so far, and I do perform regular maintenance on it.

    - Spindifferent

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