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    Default Seat switch disconnect on Husqvarna lawn mower.

    I want to know how I can disconnect the safety seat switch, and also the limiter on the throttle, because they are both a pain to deal with.

    I figure I will need to make a jumper, but don't know what contacts to jump so it will still run.

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    Default Re: Seat switch disconnect on Husqvarna lawn mower.

    Safety switches vary by mower. Some will bypass simply by unplugging the switch, some you must connect the two wires together to bypass it. Easy way to find out is to unplug it and see if it works. Otherwise, well, now you know it needs jumping.

    As for the throttle limiter, I wouldn't remove it, as engines are designed for a certain max RPM, and exceeding that RPM greatly diminishes the lifespan of the engine, sometimes down to a few moments, depending on how aggressive you are on the throttle. Without pictures, I can't say how yours is limited, but if you are determined to jeopardize your engine, take a few photos of the throttle linkages and we can help you through bypassing that, too.
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    Default Re: Seat switch disconnect on Husqvarna lawn mower.

    On my Husqvarna The switch is built into the center of the seat and is very sensitive, But all you have to do is remove switch and tape the button down works great.

    Depending on the motor the Max RPm is prob about 3,600 RPM, I set mine to about 3,450 RPM.
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    Default Re: Seat switch disconnect on Husqvarna lawn mower.

    What the...? The safety police haven't shown up here yet? They're sort of expected , as much of a sure thing as "take it to the dealer" or "buy the bigger model"?
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    Default Re: Seat switch disconnect on Husqvarna lawn mower.

    I was wondering about the Safety Police, too.

    Keep in mind, even though there are those who think ALL safety devices are sent by God and should never be altered, there are generally two types of safety devices.

    Those that are there for the lawyers and those that are there for safety.

    Though one could argue that the seat switch is there for safety, it falls in the lawyer category. On our mower, simply unplugging it was all that was needed. Nice thing is, if we want to use it for some odd reason, all we have to do is plug it back in.

    As for the throttle limiter, that is like a chain guard or belt guard, it is there for a REASON not just to satisfy a lawyer in case of lawsuit. I would not remove it.
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