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    Default Oxford thinking about Husky YT46SL

    Hello all

    My lawn tractor is one of the largest purchases I will make.

    Is a husky husqvarna yet 46 sl worth it?

    Want it to last
    Quick change blades seem like a bonus?
    Kawasaki engine good?
    Will plow driveway with it
    May add bag to manage leaves in the fall

    Thanks for your help

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    Default Re: Oxford thinking about Husky YT46SL

    Massey 1423, 1462 loader, wallenstein Ranch ho gx620, with subframe mount. Deere 710c

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    Default Re: Oxford thinking about Husky YT46SL

    Welcome to TBN

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    Welcome to TractorByNet.

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    Default Re: Oxford thinking about Husky YT46SL

    Welcome to TractorByNet!

    I moved your thread to the Husqvarna forum.
    TBN Support

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    Default Re: Oxford thinking about Husky YT46SL

    Bought a YT46SL yesterday. First thought I would purchase the YTH24v48. After speaking to staff at Marietta Lawn & Garden, Marietta, SC, learned that, with my slopes of between 15-20 degrees, I would be better off with the YT46SL as it has (automatic) locking differential. One other difference between these I had to wrestle with was the YT46LS has two blades versus the YTH24v48 with three blades. And the the YT46LS has quick disconnect blades.... But as you see with a comparison of features, the YT46LS has much to offer for the additional $300. I have to say, after working with this tractor yesterday, it was a real pleasure to use.... I blurted out to my wife instantly after she asked how I liked this machine, "This is a perfect lawn tractor". But it has much more than just locking differential.... To say this is my "perfect tractor", I am compelled to at least describe some of my history with "riding mowers". My history with tractors...grew up using my dad's MTD's....first purchased a JD LT 155 years ago...a good mower, but single drive wheel, and rear wheel was always slipping when making turns. I could not mow in one area of the yard due to this issue. So, years go by, and in late summer of 2009, I found a Craigslist ad with a 2009 JD X520. Got a good deal on this tractor.....and it had a locking differential which you had to manually engage by stepping on a pedal. That was OK....but there were times when I'd need the locking diff and it was just darn near impossible to keep my foot on that lock pedal. And then there was the "cutting in reverse" manual button pushing every time I needed to "back-up". That was a pain to use on the JD X520. This Husqvarna YT46LS tractor has a lot to a complete package. The floating deck was perfect....grass cut was smooth, looked excellent. This tractor has a Kawasaki engine which has all the power you need......and it runs "quiet" in comparison to any of the aforementioned tractors. Some people complain about a bracket which is just under the mower (under your left foot) that causes the paint to wear as it directly comes in contact with the mowing deck. I have to say, seems like someone at Husq would have a better idea for that. Upon observation, it looks like it's actually missing a "boot", or anything which might help the significant paint wear. On my otherwise perfect tractor, this was my only observation of an issue....I'll call it a design flaw. So....with a very comfortable seat, a smooth ride, no jerkiness from the transmission, options like a 12 volt generator plug, amp meter, hour meter with service minder, external charger for winter charging, auto key position for reverse cutting, and more, this tractor has much to offer. Already used it with my core aerator, and seed/fertilizer spreader. Does everything you expect it to do...... So, my instruction to anyone considering the the YTH24v48 (which in it's own right is a great tractor), or any other lawn tractor, take a look at the YT46LS..... and buy it.
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