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    Default How to fix a Husqvarna that keeps stalling

    My Husqvarna (2754GLS) kept stalling while I was trying to mow. Here's how I fixed it:

    Changed the oil filter (first time since I bought the mower, new, in 2008)
    Changed the spark plugs (again, first time ever)
    Changed the oil
    Used compressor to clean out air filter; washed foam wrap-around part in sink and dried it
    Put "Star Tron" Enzyme fuel treatment in gas tank; let it sit 2 days and then shook the machine a bit before starting it

    Surprisingly, I *didn't* have to change the fuel filter, but I was prepared to. Ditto for the air filter. I have both of these ready to go, waiting for a future date.

    Now I'll never know which of these thing(s) fixed the problem I was having -- but I decided I was NEVER AGAIN going to pay a neighbor/mechanic $20 to drain the gas from my weed eater. (I assumed the fuel lines were clogged and needed replacing.)

    From now on, I'm going to do all the easy stuff myself, and then if there's still a problem I'll take it in for service.

    Just sharing my experience with all of you -- maybe it will help someone. Who knows.

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    Default Re: How to fix a Husqvarna that keeps stalling

    Well that was certainly a shotgun approach but you really did yourself a real favor by doing the proper maintanence air filter spark plug oil etc. Startron fuel treatment is sold at the motorcycle shop where I spend alot of my off time, we all use it regular.

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    Default Re: How to fix a Husqvarna that keeps stalling

    Another thing to keep clean is the fuel cap and the fuel tank opening that it screws onto. I have a YTH2348 and had a problem with it stalling after running for a few minutes. Eventually figured out that the fuel cap was covered in so much dirt that was preventing air flow that prevented fuel from flowing to the engine.



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    Default Re: How to fix a Husqvarna that keeps stalling

    That's an awfully expensive piece of machinery to just let it go. Proper maintenance pays off in spades. I have a 12 year old Rider 155 that still runs like new, but it does get annual maintenance. Twenty Five bucks a year in parts and an hour's time is a small price to pay for avoiding a lot of aggravation. Hope you mark your calendar for May 2014 to pay your dues.

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