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    Husqvarna GTH 24V52LS

    Default What do the letters mean?

    Just got my new Husqvarna GTH 24V52LS tractor. Love it...mows great and runs like a champ. Cut the mowing time for my 3 acres by 30 mins over my Toro Z-Master.

    But, I am curious, can anyone tell me what some of these cryptic letters mean?
    Why GTH and not just GT? What is the 24V and where did the X go compared to some of the others with XLS?

    I know it won't make a difference in how it mows, but maybe I can get some sleep at night instead of wondering what they all mean.


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    Default Re: What do the letters mean?

    G garden
    T tractor
    H hydrostatic
    24V 24 hp v-twin
    52 inch cut
    LS ? don't worry about it
    Take this model number to dealer for parts

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