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    Default Husqvarna Wheel Trimmer

    I suspect that not many of you own a Husqvarna Wheel Trimmer. If you don't, you need to try one out. They cut like a hand-held spin trimmer except they are built on what looks like a light weight small lawn mower frame. They're really handy especially if you're trimming around a lot of rocks, chain link fence, etc. - things that breaks the normal trimmer strings so quickly.

    Having tossed out all of those good words about them, mine finally met it's match. I have a pond that has been maxed out all summer due to the unusually heavy rain here in Georgia this year. Bull Grass has taken over one end of the banks. It's now about 3' high and tuff as wire. Thinking that it has almost dried out enough to get it cleaned up a little, I pulled out the trusty Husqvarna Wheel Trimmer.

    Bonk! No go. Bull grass was too wet and too green. I'd have to stop about every 15' and clear the grass out that wrapped around the spin head. Not faulting the trimmer at all, I decided to wait until after a good hard freeze and then let it dry out some. No point in abusing such a handy tool just for the sake of saying that it did the job.

    By the way - some may wonder why I didn't just use my 26 hp Husq. GTH mower or my 15 hp Husq. Rider 155. Banks are too step and ground too soft. Having the right tool for the right job sure makes life a little more enjoyable. In this case, the right tool is 'time'.

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    Default Re: Husqvarna Wheel Trimmer

    Patience is a virtue. Unfortunately, most times I lack virtue.


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