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    Default Hydraulic problem

    I have a 4400 with 430 FEL, 15 months old. The bucket will not hold its roll back. You can actually see it falling. There are no leaking hoses. The most obvious culprit is the SCV. Any help would be appreciated. I know the FEL has only one year warranty but tractor has 2. Is SCV considered part of FEL or tractor.

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    Default Re: Hydraulic problem

    I would consider the SCV part of the tractor. Have you tried popping the hoses off to see if the problem persists with hoses disconnected? May isolate the problem better. Also, making sure there is no air in the system by cycling the rams to their fullest extent in both directions several times. Contact your dealer too. They may have a good suggestion or two.

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    Default Re: Hydraulic problem

    Silverfox, you may have an internal leak in a cylinder. That is a common cause of the symptom you describe. Does your loader have quick disconnects? If it does, lower the FEL to the ground with the bucket level, disconnect the supply and return lines for the roll (be sure you disconnect both). Next, raise the FEL and see if the bucket rolls forward. Put some down pressure on it if needed. If the bucket rolls down (not just a little, but a lot) you have an internal cylinder leak in one of your roll cylinders. Since they are in parallel, only one has to be leaky for this problem to show up. If you don't have quick disconnects, the problem is harder to diagnose, because you need to remove and cap the hoses and thats a lot more trouble and can be messy.
    ...hope this helps. Remember, cylinders fail much more often than valves.

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    Default Re: Hydraulic problem

    Just for a test, swap the 1-2 pair with the 3-4 pair.... see if the problem stays with the bucket, or moves to the lift.

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    Default Re: Hydraulic problem

    Jinman and Mark
    Thanks for your suggestions. I'll try both out this weekend. My dealer confirms that the SCV is part of the tractor and still covered by warranty.

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