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    Default DIY PB: buy parts or buy kit?

    I will need a PB outlet on my JD4320 for backhoe and splitter. I have been reading your posts but I can not decide whether to get the necessary parts or buy a kit from JD. It is my experience that the hoses and other parts are about twice as much at JD stores. If I get the parts from stores, such as BigR, NAPA, Northern Tool, or Surplus, I could save a fortune. Then again, I have to figure out the connections, sizes and presure rates, etc on my own.

    What is your experience? Are the installation instructions available somewhere? Where to get the acceptable parts?

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    Default Re: DIY PB: buy parts or buy kit?

    Most choices are time versus dollars. You have pretty good confidence that a power beyond kit from Deere will have everything needed and the parts will fit together properly and look reasonable when the job is done. Price the kit from Deere, ask if instructions are included. Then decide how much money can be saved by piecing it out from other vendors. Two thoughts: the hoses won't be stock off the shelf lengths, and Auto parts houses CAN be beat on prices for generic stuff that is NOT in their product mainstream.

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    Default Re: DIY PB: buy parts or buy kit?

    I don't think the JD kit is "twice as much". Have you priced the parts yet?

    Plus, the JD kit used mostly hard lines, rather than hoses, it will also come with the bracket to mount the QD's, clamps for the lines, QD's, etc.

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    Default Re: DIY PB: buy parts or buy kit?

    I added PB to my JD2520 using info from this site (THANKS JIMGERKEN) in order to run my logsplitter.

    MSRP for PB Kit from JD: $260
    Price paid from local source for hoses and fittings: $140

    All I had to do was make a bracket to terminate the QD fittings.

    It's not factory but it is absolutely functional.

    In this case, I'd say the "twice as much" formula is pretty accurate.


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    Default Re: DIY PB: buy parts or buy kit?

    If I recall, for my JD955, the kit was about $200, but no longer available.
    I bought the PB plug for $2.50, 2 hoses for $10 each, 2 90-degree ORB
    fittings for about $5 each, and a male and female QD pair for about $20.
    That's $52.50, but no bracket. I admit I bought pre-made hoses of
    a standard length.

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    Default Re: DIY PB: buy parts or buy kit?

    Hey Idaho,

    The power beyond kit for my 3120 was $232, I think. Quite simple really and if you already know where to tie into it, you can certainly do it. However, the kit and materials supplied are first rate and custom fitted. I doubt that you'll be able to save all that much if you want the same quality but like others have said, it's just a few hoses, a bracket for the QD's, a couple adapters, etc. The bracket will likely have to be custom. Part of what you are paying for is the engineering.

    One thing worth considering before you make up your mind: On the 3x20 series, the kit replaces a rigid bypass loop/tube that runs directly under the seat with 2 new hard/rigid tubes. This is directly under the seat area, begins on one side, loops around the back and to the other side of the seat. If you end up installing your own with flexible hoses instead and they are indeed installed under the seat, make sure you get top quality hoses because as you know, hydraulic hoses with pinhole leaks can be very dangerous to soft tissue when under pressure.
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